To support 'Small Charity Week' two of our Trustee's met up with Sir Jeremy Wright this week to discuss our recent achievements.

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In May 2023 we hosted 2 CPR Training sessions for Kenilworth Ramblers at Abbey Medical Centre. 

As a Charity we host regular training sessions for groups or individuals. 

If you are interested in a session, please feel free to contact us on our 'contact us' tab.



In March 2023, in honour of Keith Grierson - Founder of KHS - we unveiled a plaque on the wall of the Parochial Hall, next to the defibrillator which Keith was instrumental in setting up.

Keith was the founder of the Charity and was passionate about spreading awareness of CPR training and making AED's more accessible for the people in our community.

Keith will be forever in our hearts. 


Kenillworth HeartSafe hosted 3 CPR training sessions to the year 8 pupils of Kenilworth School in November 2023

A big thank you to all the children who were extremely engaged and keen to learn.


On 16/10/2019 World Restart a Heart Day KHS trained 300 Kenilworth School pupils in basic heart resuscitation skills




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